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I will be hosting my own TEDx Talk. I want to show our younger generation

that they can be both beautiful and smart.

Madelynne Myers

Madelynnes's Bio

I can rap the periodic table on command. As a Double Dore (a term used for someone who graduated from Vanderbilt University twice), I earned a degree in molecular and cellular biology and have a Master’s in Public Health. I will be a forever student.

I am an adventurer. I have hiked in 18 different countries and 15 states, participated in a Tough Mudder (10 miles, 13 obstacles), and completed a half-marathon. This year, I earned my yoga certification and teach classes on the weekends. I plan on skydiving later this year!

As a High Intensity Area Overdose Coordinator, I work for the Tennessee Department of Health on ending the opioid crisis. I am responsible for implementing overdose preventative measures and creating discharge protocols. The most important part of my job is linking individuals to treatment.

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