In addition to the title you will win and that title giving you a megaphone for your platform, what else do you win?


Depending on the pageants prestige.. Sponsors will donate gifts, time, services, etc. as part of your prize package. Talk to your Director to find out what you win!


Our winners receive a prize package valued at over $40,000 each.    

Does your system send you to Nationals or is that the responsibility of the winner to take on? 

Our state winners receive an all expense paid trip to Las Vegas, NV to compete in the Mrs. America and Miss for America competitions. 

National System

Does the pageant of interest compete at a national and/or International level?


How to get to Nationals?


How respected and what is the perception of the system?


What do you win?

There are only a few main National Systems. Most other pageants are "local fair type" pageants that do not compete at a National level.

National Pageants to consider:

  • Mrs. America/Mrs. World

  • Mrs. International

  • Mrs. United States

How long has your system been around? We see new systems pop up sporadically with little to offer their winner. Ask your director to discuss the systems history with you.


Mrs. America has been around since 1938. Mrs. America/Mrs. World is one of the most prestigious pageants in the world and winning a state title is the first step in competing at the world level.