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Fabulous Face Contest 

Proceeds go to Victoria's Voice 

A drug overdose took the life of Victoria Siegel on June 6, 2015, in her parents’ home near Orlando. She was 18.

Victoria was one of the 129 Americans to die from a drug overdose that day—and every day in 2015.

Through Victoria’s Voice Foundation, we are taking aim at reducing drug experimentation, addiction and overdose death by supporting:

  1. Legislation to encourage locking up prescription medications. Fifty-three percent of kids who use illicit prescription drugs get them out of a relative’s or friend’s medicine cabinet.1

  2. Legislation for the co-prescription of naloxone every time an opiate painkiller is prescribed. Naloxone is a completely safe opiate-reversal drug that can pull someone out of an overdose state—even on the verge of death—into an immediate withdrawal. It is life-saving and non-addictive. We believe this antidote to death should be carried by every first responder and made available through every university and college.

  3. Implementation of a policy platform for random drug testing in partnership with educational institutions.



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**Both winners (Mrs. and Miss.) of this contest will receive an automatic bid into the top 6**

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