Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQ's

When will applications for the 2021 competition be available?

They are available now. Hover over your state above, select your division (Mrs/Miss), click the "ENTER" button in the middle of the page. A new page will open with a digital application to fill out.

Do I have to win a preliminary competition to compete?

No, there are no preliminaries for the 2020 compeition.

Is there a fee to particpate in the competition?

Please contact your state director for information on fees. The winner receives round trip airfare to Las Vegas, Nevada, hotel and meals for the Mrs. America competition or Miss for America competition, along with many other fabulous prizes. Any fees submitted to the state are non-refundable.

Am I too old or too young to enter the competition?

The Rules state that a contestant must be at least 18 years of age but does not specify an age cap that makes you ineligible.

Where do I submit my application?

In order to process your applicaton and secure your local title, you must submit your production fees. You can submit your application by: -Scanning and emailing the application to info@cjpproductions.com or clicking on the Paperwork tab under your state and division. We do not offer refunds on fees paid.

Basic Rules to Compete - Mrs.

The Mrs. Tennessee/Mississippi America Competition is open to all ladies that are married at the time of entry, have lived in the state they will compete in for three months prior to the competition and are a citizen of the United States. Be sure to read the Rules and Regulations carefully to be sure you qualify. • Must be at least 18 years old - (No age limit) • Must be legally married at the time of competition • Must be a resident of the state you will compete in for 3 months prior to the competition. (No performing talent required) *Please read all rules at the bottom of the Application. Be sure to read the Rules and Regulations carefully to be sure you qualify.

Basic Rules to Compete - Miss.

The Miss. Tennessee/Mississippi for America Competition is open to all unmarried ladies. Be sure to read the Rules and Regulations carefully to be sure you qualify. • Must be at least 18 years old - (No age limit) • Must be a resident of the state you will compete in for 3 months prior to the competition. (No performing talent required) *Please read all rules at the bottom of the Application. Be sure to read the Rules and Regulations carefully to be sure you qualify.

Can I have children and still compete in the Miss or Mrs.?

Absolutely, we are a family pageant and all children under 6 are free to attend.

What is the best way to get some or all of my pageant fees covered?

-Sponsors are the best way to do this. We have a sponsorship letter on our website under the Docs and forms tab. -Some contestants have created a GoFundMe page or something similar to ask friends and family for financial support. -Some contestants have started a t-shirt drive in support of competing. You can check out the website www.customink.com that creates custom t-shirts that you can sell to raise money.

Judging and General Information

How is the competition judged?

The judges are looking for the contestant’s exhibition of Beauty, Poise and Personality, Swimsuit and Evening Gown.

The judging categories are: Personal Interview and Beauty - 50% Swimsuit- 25% Evening Gown - 25% On Stage Question - will be asked to the top contestants

Who are the judges and where do they come from?

Our judges are always from varied backgrounds and in different stages of their life.

Is there a talent portion of the competition?


Will I be judged on community service?

No. This is a beauty pageant. The winner often times has a special interest that she would like to speak about and promote throughout her year.

What if I have a tattoo or body piercing?

Tattoos and piercing are a statement of your individuality, and to this point we have not prohibited anyone from entering the pageant because of them. Judges are not told to look upon someone negatively because of tattoos or piercing, but judging is a subjective process done by each individual differently. Should you feel that your tattoo might be offensive, you may want to make sure it is covered by your swimwear, gown or even body makeup. If you are uncomfortable with your naval piercing, you may want to make sure your wardrobe covers it, replace it with something smaller and less noticeable or remove it totally for pageant weekend.

Am I required to have a competition coach?

Having a personal competition coach is a personal choice and is NOT required.

Do I have to shop with the competition sponsors when preparing for competition?

The sponsor information is provided for your information. The sponsors are extremely knowledgable about preparing for the competition but you are not required to purchase or rent your wardrobe from a sponsor.

What type of photo should I use for my official state competition photo in the program book?

Most contestants submit a professional “head and shoulders” photo with no hats or crowns on their head or hands in their face.

Competition Weekend

When will the contestant photos be posted on the website?

If we post them, approx 30 days prior to the state competition.

Do I Need to Bring a Gift for each contestant?

Please speak with your director regarding this. In past years, we have had a gift exchange. The gifts should be no more than $20. Many contestants find that personal hand-made gifts are the best gifts to give and receive.

If I am not named as a semi-finalist, will I still be in the competition finals?

Yes. The non-finalists will still participate on stage throughout the evening. All contestants will be on stage for the crowning.

Do I need to pay for my meals while at the competition?

No. Your meals throughout the weekend of the state competition will be provided to you. However, contestants are encouranged to bring any additional snacks that you may want to have handy. If you have any special dietary requirements, please plan ahead and bring those foods/drinks with you.

When will tickets and programs be available?

Tickets at the door will be $45 per ticket. Children under 6 years of age are free. Children 6 and over will be admitted to the pageant and the ticket price is the same as an adult ticket. Pageant Program Books will be available on the day of the pageant in the lobby of the theater. Pageant Programs are full color and are $45.00 each.

Can we videotape the pageant?

No. Videotaping by members of the audience is prohibited. You will have the opportunity to purchase videotape and photo packages from our official photographers and videographers.

Can I get my scores so I can prepare for next year?

No actual scores will be available. However, if you contact the office two weeks after the competition we will share with you “Judge Critiques”.

Where will the competition be held?

Contact the state director for more information.

What to Bring with you

You must bring to the compeition with you: 6 copies of your headshot - size 5X7 6 copies of your application

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