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You’ll miss 100% of the shots you don’t take” – My parents always encourage me to
continue chasing dreams and goals, no matter how many times I fail. Failure is not
weakness; it’s opportunity for growth.

Stephanie Hubner

Stephanie's Bio

As a young dancer, I loved performing under bright lights and packed audiences, but I
found several dancers, including myself, becoming overly critical of weight and body
shape. Self-image issues stole my passion and led to years of self-doubt. Now, a mother
of two little girls, I am dedicated to educating youth of all ages on the signs, symptoms,
and resources on mental health issues. I share my journey and mentor others through
IC Hope® so those who may share similar struggles learn to embrace the imperfectly

Tailgates, touchdowns, and the deafening roar of a packed stadium is how I remember
most of my Sundays as a Tennessee Titans Cheerleader. A five-year veteran of the
squad, I was also chosen as a line captain and even named as Alumni All-Star for the
organization. Not only did I have the best seat in the house on game days, but being
part of the Titans organization was more than just the sidelines, it was a once in a
lifetime opportunity and incredible learning experience on dedication and work ethic.


What began as a reluctant blind date is now an amazing marriage, business
partnership, and a “pay it forward” outlook on life. My husband and I are not only
partners in raising our two daughters, but we share the responsibilities as owners of
The Hubner Group LLC and HNH Enterprises, our real estate and construction
companies. We also travel throughout the state and help raise money for community
charities and organizations such as Domestic Violence Awareness, CASA, Empower Me
Day Camp, Breast Cancer Awareness, etc. through benefit auctioneering and
professional fund raising.